Google Docs Now Easily Editable on iPhone, iPad and Android

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If you’ve ever tried to edit a Google Docs file from your phone, you may have said, “This is hard!” or “This, I do not like!” or “Do I like this? Not really!” In the past, you’d have to roll the dice by pulling up the full desktop version of a document and hope your phone had a nimble enough signal to handle all the Javascript magic going on behind the scenes.

Google has now made the document editing process much more mobile friendly and is rolling the functionality out to iPhone, iPad and Android 2.2-and-above owners over the next couple of days.

Aside from making edits much less cumbersome, If you’re collaborating on a document with someone else, that person will see your changes in near real-time. Imagine your colleague’s befuddlement; “I thought you weren’t in the office,” Mr. Pendergast will say. “I’m on a boat, sir!” you’ll reply. That’s showing initiative, and initiative means semi-annual incremental pay raises.

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