Gaming Tip Sheet: “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood”

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We’re going to start taking video games and breaking down those hidden tips, Easter eggs and other random tricks that you didn’t know you wanted to know. This week our featured game is Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. We’re assuming that some of you have gone out and bought the game and are utterly addicted to it, so here’s some extra tips that you may not have known to make the multiplayer game play a little bit more interesting, courtesy of Ubisoft. A lot of it has to do with listening closely to the game, so don’t be afraid to turn up the volume.

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Those Voices Aren’t Only In Your Head

You’ll start hearing some whispers appearing from time to time during gameplay. Regardless of how silent your pursuer behaves, the whispers inform you that he/she is approaching and is within 20 meters from you.

Mob Mentality

You probably figured out that if you blend in with a moving group your chances of being noticed by both your target and your pursuers are reduced. What you may not have realized is that the entire mob will then head to your target at the next street crossing, helping you get closer to your enemy.

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The Lock Is Key

As you play more, locking in on your target will not only become second nature, it’s very beneficial. The function helps you keep track of your moving target so you can figure out which guy to assassinate when the moment strikes.

The Blips Mean Something

If your Assassin is aiming at you with his hidden gun, you can hear a very subtle double “blip” sound effect. With practice, you can use those couple of seconds as a warning to hide and break the line of sight with your enemy so you can get away.

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Smoke ‘Em Out

To easily stymie the person tracking you, try pretending that you haven’t seen or heard him coming until he’s at about five to seven meters away from you. (If you listen to the sound cues, it will make this easier.) Use a surprise tactic and launch a Smoke Bomb to paralyze him. Then, just stun him while he’s paralyzed.

An Assassin in a Haystack

One of the first abilities you acquire in the game is the ability to “morph” a crowd group to look like your own skin to fool your opponent. Try morphing a group nearby a haystack, and then hide inside the haystack for the ultimate disguise. Good luck gaming!

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