MySpace No Longer Competing With Facebook, CEO Says

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It had to come sometime. MySpace has conceded the battle for supreme social network to Facebook, saying that they prefer to focus on “music entertainment content” on Fox Business Network.

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“We are no longer competing. MySpace is focused specifically on social entertainment,” said CEO Mike Jones to FBN.

“MySpace has deep roots with music entertainment content,” he added. “We saw a big change in the way people were using the MySpace product and we had to embrace that and we had to create a new entertainment product that really played to our users interests.”

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Yesterday, MySpace allowed people to log into their website with their Facebook accounts, intertwining the former competitors. The feature, called “Mashup with Facebook,” sits in the middle of entertainment media content showing that MySpace has really given up personal networking all together. Let’s hope for a happy relationship between the two companies – that is, until Facebook decides to take over the music and film industries and then the world.

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