TJ Maxx Selling iPads for $400

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Select TJ Maxx stores are apparently selling the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad for $400, according to Engadget. Is this a gigantic price mistake?! No, given this sign that says “$399.99 – compare at $499.99.”


Which stores are actually carrying iPads seems to vary a bit. Engadget found stores in Vernon, New York and parts of Ohio and New Jersey. Apparently some are selling them now and some are holding sales off until Black Friday, which seems like a wise move on the stores’ part. (More on Techland: Gallery: Hits and Misses from Apple So Far)

I called my local store here in the Boston area and the conversation went something like this:

Me: “Hey, are you guys selling iPads?”

Lady: “High pants?”

Me: “The iPad. Apple iPad?”

Lady: “Eye pad? Like an eye patch for your eye?”

Me: “It’s a computer. An Apple computer.”

Lady: “No, we don’t sell computers here. Just clothes and home goods.”

Me: “Okay, because there’s a story on the web that—you know what? It’s not important. Thank you!”

So call your local store first if you’re looking for a who’s-on-first style conversation or swing by on your way home. It’s going to be a mad house if they hold them until Black Friday.

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