Acer Outs New Tablets, 4.8-inch Phone, Dual Screen Laptop

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It’s official. Acer’s getting into the tablet game. That’s a good thing for consumers because Acer is one of the most aggressive companies out there when it comes to pricing, so it may be able to drive the costs of tablets down in general. We won’t see anything until next year, but here’s what’s coming.

For starters, the company plans to roll out both 7- and 10-inch Android tablets in April. Wise move, as it addresses the 7-inch Android tablet market and the iPad at the same time. Both models will feature dual-core processors, front- and rear-facing cameras, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, and built-in HDMI ports capable of pushing 1080p video content to a TV set.


The screen resolutions for both models will be 1280×800, too, which is very nice. A 7-inch tablet with a resolution that big doesn’t even exist yet, so Acer’s got until April of next year to figure that one out.

And lest you think the company’s just content to offer a couple tablets and call it a day, it also announced a dual-touchscreen laptop called the “Iconia.”


It’ll feature two 14-inch 1366×768 screens, Windows 7, and an Intel Core i5 processor. No word on pricing or availability but the thing weighs over six pounds, which ought to kill some of its tablet-like appeal.

And finally, the company will be rolling out a very impressive-looking 4.8-inch Android phone. That’s a big screen for a phone but even more impressive is that the resolution will be a whopping 1024×480 pixels. That’s enormous.


Movies will probably look plenty lovely, but we’ll see how well the currently-available Android apps are able to fill out such a weird aspect ratio.

No word on pricing or availability for this one either but don’t expect to see any of these new products until a few months into next year, at the earliest.

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