Comic-Con 2011 Online Registration Fails (Again!)

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Will anyone ever be able to register for 2011’s Comic-Con International in San Diego? Yesterday, online registration for the event was once again shut down after technical problems less than thirty minutes after re-opening for the first time following registration opening and closing within two hours due to overwhelming demand on November 1st. The problem this second time around was apparently due to system error on behalf of Event Planning International Corporation, a third party contracted by Comic-Con to help with registration (Feel free to get your “EPIC fail” puns out right here). Talking to Comic Book Resources, CCI’s director of marketing and public relations David Glanzer said that, at the time, he wasn’t even sure what the problem was, but added,

It’s still an incredibly fluid situation over here and if there’s anything I could convey to everyone is that there’s an amazing sense of frustration on our part, which is nothing compared to the frustration of those who have been trying to log on for the last two or three hours. We can’t apologize enough.

News on the “third time lucky” opening for registration is expected shortly.

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