Beatles Sell Two Million Songs Within First Week on iTunes

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In a little less than Eight Days a Week, the Beatles sold two million songs and 450,000 albums on iTunes. While some, including myself, wondered if the band would need Help! selling digital copies to a fan base that kept saying It Won’t Be Long until the Beatles’ music could be downloaded, even seven years of negotiations couldn’t Slow Down runaway sales. (More on Apple’s Hits and Misses So Far)

Both sides of the negotiating table finally said “We Can Work It Out, now let’s get these songs up for sale quickly—like Yesterday, if you know what I mean.” Ultimately, it turns out that the promise of Money (That’s What I Want) is enough to get just about anyone on board.

While I never thought that I’d see the downloadable Beatles In My Life, it turns out I Should Have Known Better. Turns out I’m a Loser, so just Let It Be or I’ll Get You. That’s not true. I’ll Cry Instead.

[via AP]

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