Mark Wahlberg To Take on “Uncharted” Territory

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It’s official: Mark Wahlberg will be staring as hero Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie, based off the popular video game. The actor confirmed the news to MTV.

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Yeah, we had the same questions. One, there’s going to be an Uncharted movie? Two, Mark Wahlberg?

Before you start getting a little nervous, the movie is being directed by David O. Russell, who did Three Kings and one of this year’s buzzed about movies The Fighter. He worked with Wahlberg on the latter, so he’s already developed a relationship with the actor. Plus, Wahlberg let it slip out that they’ve already asked Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro to join the movie – as his father and uncle respectively – and with such high caliber actors, this could be good. And, let’s not forget that Wahlberg has got an Oscar nod for The Departed so he does have his chops. Then again, he also starred in The Happening, and even though he recently admitted that the movie was really horrible I can’t get the image of him talking to a houseplant out of my head.

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