TSA Tries Making Traveling Easier With App, But There’s Glitches

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Their other regulations may make traveling this holiday season a pain, but the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has released an app that potentially can make traveling easier. (But, perhaps not enough to make up for those enhanced patdowns acceptable.)

The new free TSA App – simply called My TSA – updates users on wait times in the security line and in the airport, as well as has a searchable database for passengers who might be curious to see what they can bring on their flight. There’s also a guide to traveling on the holidays, although it’s made up of things that travelers should already know. (More on Time.com: Top 10 Hottest iPhone Games Right Now)

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bugs. WINK CBS determined that it could not correctly locate one passenger automatically, which was easily fixed by selecting the airport manually. The bigger problem is  it only tells you the airport condition as a whole, not individual flight problems. Other apps already offer that information, and there’s even some more flight tracking apps that might be more beneficial than the TSA app if you’re concerned about whether your flight is going to be delayed. There is also a function to tell you how long the security wait times are at your airport, but it relies on user reports. You can’t expect many to be filed especially when everyone is trying to rush to their gate.

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