Your Kid Wants An iPad for the Holidays

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Chances are if you have a kid between the ages of 6-12, he or she wants an iPad this December.  A survey conducted by Nielsen found out that the Apple device was the most requested tech “toy” of the holiday season.

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Nielsen asked children what device they wanted in the next six months. Younger kids also wanted a computer, smartphone (though one can only wonder if it’s to be just like their older siblings and parents) and iPod touch in that order. The Nintendo DS is high on the list, but the Play Station Portable is near the bottom.

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Interestingly enough, children over 13 decided to go on a more practical route and want a computer above all things closely followed by a tie for a television and a smartphone. Though the iPad comes at number four on the list, it’s still a popular request. Last place for the teen crowd are the portable video game consoles, Nintendo DS and its variations and the Play Station Portable. They barely edge out the Kinect for Xbox 360 and Play Station Move as least requested. And in last place for the younger generation? It’s e-readers. Kids these days just have no interest in reading.

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