Is Facebook Launching Video Chat with Skype?

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A website developer has discovered a little tweak in Facebook’s code that will allow video chatting functionality.

Tal Ater from Green Any Site was working on his website’s Facebook application, when he noticed a “VideoChat” object in their code, which would allow the inevitable. He delved further and found out it has several references to Skype, perhaps suggesting you can move your Skype ID to your Facebook page. There’s still no comment on when the application (if it really is going to be developed )will launch or how it will work. However, Skype has already integrated Facebook into their desktop client, and back in May 2009 Facebook admitted they were trying this feature out but had no set date for when it would be available for users. Will a Skype and Facebook merger encourage you to use the chat functions more? Or are you wary of Facebook getting even more personal data, like your phone number?

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