Now On A Hard Drive: Every Playboy Since 1953

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For a lot of guys, rifling through your dad’s hidden stash of Playboys was a right of passage. Hell, before the internet, Hef and his bunnies were probably responsible for initiating entire generations of inquisitive teenage guys awkwardly into puberty.

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Well, for you *ahem* nostalgics out there — and just in time for the holiday season — you, too, can recapture a sizable chunk of Playboy‘s history with this external hard drive from Bondi, which comes loaded with digital copies of every single issue since the brand’s inception in 1953.

For perspective, that’s 57 years worth of Playmates not collecting dust under your bed (or underwear drawer, whatever) sitting nice and organized right there on your desktop.

(More on Behind the Scenes of Cyber Monday) reports that the hard drive itself is nothing to write home about: with only 250GB of storage space and a hefty price tag at $300 (especially when Cyber Monday saw 2TB drives dip well below the $100-range), you’re not really getting much in terms of hardware.

But, then again, it’s every back-issue of Playboy ever, so why not go ahead and spring 300 bucks?

You know. For the articles.

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