Gaming Tip Sheet: “Fallout: New Vegas”

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Thanks to the folks at Bethesda Softworks, we’ve got some pointers to help make your Fallout: New Vegas gameplay more smooth. Check these out, and try not to get too irradiated this time, please.

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Pick Me!

North of the Horowitz Farmstead and Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch there are some rather odd folks standing around. One of them may have something special.

Judging the Threshold

When using VATS, make sure that your attack will actually break through the “shield.” Damage Threshold can change the amount you think you can deal.

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Good Grief

The Good Natured trait is really helpful if you plan to just use one or two weapon types as you can easily compensate for skill point loss there for the wide skill point gains in non-combat skills.

Goodsprings Marks The Spot

Goodsprings Source is an excellent map marker to have. Any time you need to get some quick H20 that is Rads-free, go there.

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Five Finger Discount

There is a .357 Magnum in a dirty glass near the register in bar in Goodsprings… if you don’t mind stealing.

Trading Post

Be sure to visit the New Vegas Medical Clinic just outside the Strip if you’ve got loads of spare caps. You can buy implants there to increase a variety of stats.

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The Great Explorer

If you’re high-level and looking for a challenge, swim across the Colorado River and go exploring.

Hard Knock Life

Ammo is great, but only if you’re going to use it. Since ammo has weight in Hardcore Mode, consider selling all that leftover ammo you aren’t using. If you want to keep it, leave it in a safe place.

Rest For the Weary

There is one bed in New Vegas that will completely heal you, even in Hardcore Mode. One special individual will gladly let you have access to it, just for finishing your delivery job.

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