Flipboard iPad News Reader App Now Supports Magazine Layouts

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If you’ve got an iPad and you use it to read news, chances are good that you’ve downloaded Flipboard by now. The free app pulls in links shared by the people you’re connected with across various social networks and displays pertinent headlines and excerpts in a nice magazine-style layout.

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The company has just announced that it’s partnered with a handful of large publishers to design Flipboard-specific article pages for the app. So instead of clicking through to the web version of a particular article, it’ll now be displayed like it would appear in the pages of a magazine.

Current partners include ABC News, All Things Digital, Bon Appetit, Lonely Planet, SB Nation, SF Chronicle/Gate, Uncrate and The Washington Post Magazine. According to the press release, when one of the enhanced stories “is shared on Twitter or Facebook, a Flipboard user can simply double-tap the excerpt to get a beautiful magazine-style reading experience.”

These featured publishers and their Flipboard-enhanced articles can be added manually to the app’s Table of Contents section as well.

This could be potentially beneficial to news organizations that haven’t put together iPad-specific apps yet, or even ones looking to expand their readership in a visually attractive way. Flipboard also announced that it’s testing “beautiful, full-page ads” from major brands that can be placed among the featured publishers’ articles, adding another revenue stream to the mix.

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