Gowalla 3.0: All-In-One Check Ins Are Here

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Popular location-based network Gowalla announced the 3.0 update of its mobile app, which integrates the service with rival Foursquare.

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With its new congruent app, Gowalla 3 has broken the barriers between the popular geosocial sites – a startling and quite clever campaign to position itself as the most-preferred check-in app. The update is centered on two primary features: a Universal Activity Feed and a check-in broadcaster, which allows you to update your geostatus on sites like Foursquare, Facebook Places, Twitter and Tumblr.

First, the new activity feed streams check-ins from friends via other location platforms (Gowalla, Foursquare, Facebook Places), with the added functionality of accumulating Foursquare badges and Facebook deals though you’re not actually logging on via those specific sites/apps. You’ll also continue receive Foursquare Tips as you check in, much like the Foursquare app itself. The Universal Activity Feed, an aggregated stream of your multi-platform geosocial participating friends allows you to view cross-site activity on one interface, appealing more to diehards than the casual user, but still, even if you participate in two location-based networks, making the switch is worth it.

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Additional features include a better display, bookmarking and Notes – a new way to leave messages intended for just one friend as they check into your favorite spots. Gowalla 3.0 is currently available via the iPhone app store, and will be offered for other platforms, including the Android, early next year.