Zynga Hopes To Take Over the Mobile Gaming World

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Zynga, creator of Farmville and Mafia Wars, announced today that they have purchased Texas-based mobile gaming Newtoy. The company said this is part of their desire to further expand into mobile gaming, where they believe the future lies.

“We are just getting started. Our goal is to have Zynga games available to anyone, anywhere and on any device,” SVP of Zynga Mobile David Ko said during a scheduled phone press conference today.

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Their acquisition of Newtoy shows their dedication to their belief. The game developers came up with The Games With Friends franchise, which is currently the most popular gaming platform on the iPhone with titles like Words With Friends and Chess With Friends. The company’s headquarters will be renamed “The Zynga With Friends” studio. While they will still continue to develop their own products, part of their focus will shift to developing Zynga games interfaces to make it better for the mobile gamer. Brothers Paul and David Bettner co-founded the company in 2008. Their other producer credits include Age of Empires and the upcoming Halo wars strategy game.

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The two mobile gaming companies are also looking at ways to integrate their products in the upcoming years. It is interesting to note that where Zynga’s games rely on virtual products, New Toy’s games are more traditional word and board games for the iPhone. Founder and CEO of New Toy, now VP and GM of “The Zynga with Friends” studio Paul Bettner said virtual products something they will look to in the future when developing at the monetary aspect of all the games. Though they declined to announce how much they acquisition was made for, Paul Bettner laughed quite heartily when a reporter from Ad Age suggested that the company was set for life.

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