Diamond Readies Digital Comic Distribution Service

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Bowing to both popular demand and the inevitable push towards the future, Diamond Comic Distributors are apparently developing a digital distribution service for comics – but it’s one that will, somewhat counter-intuitively, require customers to go to their local stores to pick up their purchases. Bleeding Cool has the scoop that Diamond, which has a near monopoly on print comic distribution in the North American market, is currently talking to various comic publishers about a new distribution process for digital releases, but when the site’s Rich Johnston contacted Diamond for details, they released this interesting statement:

Diamond Comic Distributors has been working on a digital program which will be entirely focused on driving sales of Digital comic related content through brick and mortar comic book specialty retailers.

We anticipate making an announcement in the near future. Diamond doesn’t sell direct to consumers – as we’ve always preferred to drive sales through the comic book specialty retailer, who so loyally supports our suppliers, publishers and Diamond.

On the one hand, supporting the direct market retailer is always a good thing. On the other, isn’t part of the point of digital distribution of any format – whether it’s comics, music or movies – that it makes things easier for the consumer by removing the need to go to a store and purchase the product? It’ll be interesting to see exactly what Diamond’s plans are, when they are officially announced – and almost as interesting to see the backlash.

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