Hulu Preps First Ongoing Web Series

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Hulu isn’t just looking to branch out into new territories, it’s also looking to branch out into new endeavors – Like producing original content. The online video on demand company co-owned by ABC, NBC Universal and Fox parent News Corp. is developing a site-exclusive web series, a roundup of pop-cultural news and events of the last 24 hours that’ll run Monday through Friday each week. Sound a little ambitious? Don’t worry; each episode is only slated to be five minutes long, so expect something closer to someone reading out headlines than any kind of in-depth commentary.

The unnamed show won’t be Hulu’s first production – Hulu has also been in part responsible for web show The LXD and reality show If I Can Dream over the last year, and is said to be currently developing a series with Mattel to promote Barbie’s longterm boyfriend, Ken, oddly enough – but it is its most ambitious, even with the short running-time.

The series is expected to debut next year.

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