Apple Drops Refurbished iPad Price to $429

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Getting closer. Clossserrrr.

Apple’s dropped the base-level price for a refurbished 16GB iPad from $449 down to $429. The refurbished 32GB version is down to $499, which is a full $100 lower than the price of a new one. The refurbished 64GB version is also $100 off—$599 instead of $699 for a new one.

These prices are for the refurbished Wi-Fi iPads. The refurbished Wi-Fi + 3G models haven’t been any more deeply discounted than usual. Refurbished iPads carry the same warranty as new ones and include new batteries.

I’m a frugal, penny-pinching, mild-mannered man from the Midwest but if these things hit $399, even I might not have much choice but to splurge.

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