Will Samsung Sell 330 Million Handsets in 2011?

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A unnamed Samsung official said that they hope to move 330 million handsets next year, an 18 percent increase from 2010, according to Reuters. It’s a bold number to state, especially because Samsung only sold 195 million units by the end of the third quarter of 2010. They’re expected to close out the year with a solid 280 million, and are currently the world’s second largest mobile phone producer.

It’s also Asia’s most valuable stock, with $125 billion in market capitalization. Analysts have only projected a moderate 7 percent increase for the company, Android Guys points out, even though the company have been quite successful with their recent releases Galaxy S phones and Galaxy Tabs especially since there will still be stiff competition from other smartphones like the iPhone and the Android. (More on Time.com: Two Minute Video: Samsung Netbook Tops 10-inchers)

The Samsung official told Electronista lower end smartphones would be a focus in 2011, accounting for about 30 million phones. The Samsung Galaxy Tab, especially the 10-inch model, would account for about 20 million units of sales.

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