TechFast: WikiLeaks Hactivists, Why Groupon Said No, and More

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Good morning! Here are some of the day’s top tech links to get you started.

Facebook and Twitter Suspend Operation Payback Accounts

Source: Forbes

The hacking group that’s been targeting companies like Mastercard, Visa and Paypal for blocking donations to WikiLeaks has had its accounts removed from Twitter and Facebook. In true hacker fashion, the group opened new accounts almost immediately.

Sprint CEO Says WiMAX Bet Paid Less Than Hoped

Source: PCWorld

Sprint was first to market with its 4G network, which the company hoped would give it a big “first mover” advantage. The network uses the WiMAX standard, though, while the competing “LTE” standard looks like it’ll win out in the long run. Sprint has said in the past that it’s open to switching to LTE.

Apple rolling out 90-second iTunes song previews

Source: AppleInsider

Previews for certain songs sold through iTunes have started appearing with 90-second preview clips (instead of 30). The longer previews apparently only work in the U.S. at the moment and only for songs that are longer than 2:30.

Why Groupon Said No to Google’s $6 Billion

Source: Business Insider

It seems almost unthinkable that Groupon would turn down Google’s $6 billion buyout offer. Turns out it might have been less about the money and more about “regulatory scrutiny” and “anti-trust concerns.”

8% of online Americans use Twitter

Source: Pew Internet

Are you an American? Do you use the internet? Then there’s an 8% chance that you’re using Twitter, too. That’s a lot of people discussing important issues and/or food intake.

Man Changes Name To Captain Awesome, Uses Arrows And Smiley Face As Signature

Source: Geekologie

signatureBelieve it or not, an unemployed cabinet installer in Eugene, Oregon had time to legally change his name to Captain Awesome. The signature is the best part.

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