“Angry Birds” Launches New Features Ahead of 1-Year Anniversary

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Happy one year anniversary, Angry Birds! To kick things off – the actual date is tomorrow – developer Rovio is currently going through an all-day Angry Birds press conference/extravaganza featuring Finnish tribute bands, lots and lots of stats and some very interesting news for you Android and PC gamers.

The Mighty Eagle is Coming Out Really Soon For Everyone


Although, I still think this is a really cheap (as in lame not inexpensive – each use will set you back 99 cents) way to beat the game.


The good news: You can now automatically get three-stars in every level and beat those levels you can’t seem to finish. You can only use it once an hour to limit the madness.

Bad Piggy Bank Coming Out for Android Users

The Bad Piggy Bank will give Android users an in game option to make purchases such as the Mighty Eagle or upgrades to get rid of those annoying ads. The Finnish operator Eliza will be in charge of the payments, and the billing will go straight to your mobile phone bill. “Angry Birds has become the benchmark in casual mobile gaming, and a huge part of the whole game experience is convenience,” the CEO of Rovio Mikael Hed said in a press release. “With the help of Elisa and Bad Piggy Bank, we can introduce the same high level of convenience to purchasing our products and services.”

The PC Game is coming soon

There’s no official launch date yet, but the Angry Birds PC version that we’ve all been waiting for – okay that I’ve been waiting for – is supposedly going to launch today according to The Next Web.

What I really want to know though is why those pigs are stealing the eggs and what they are doing with them?

[vodpod id=Video.5095461&w=425&h=350&fv=]

And, also, where they got those Angry Birds hoodies they’re all rocking for the streaming video. Can I use the Bad Piggy Bank to get one of those?

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