Are Paperless Offices the Future?

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If you’re anything like me, your wastebasket is overflowing with paperwads that probably didn’t need to be printed out to begin with. Well, we have some good news, green-challenged techies. The World Wildlife Fund unveiled a new type of document format that lets users cut down their waste and easily help out the environment. How? By not letting them print their files. (More on How to Recycle Your Old Gadgets)

The innovative new file extension (appropriately dubbed WWF) is part of a new initiative premised on the idea that workplaces simply waste too much paper. The document itself functions the same way a PDF would, with the caveat that it’s only available in digital form. The software download is free, however it’s currently only available for Mac users. (Don’t fret: a PC version is reportedly on the way.)


A year ago this idea probably would have caused more headaches than good, but with tablets and touchscreen devices becoming commonplace, is the idea of a paper free office really so far off? Sure, not having a paper version of that P&L could be a pain in the neck, but maybe a file extension like WWF can help users practice a little more diligence when it comes to unnecessary printing.

Plus, with Michael Scott leaving The Office anyway, maybe now is the perfect time for the Dunder-Mifflin crew to be out of their dayjobs. (I know it’s not real. Leave me alone.)

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