Company Sues Drudge Report, Wants Website As Damages

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Infamous website the Drudge Report is at the center of a truly surreal copyright infringement lawsuit that may result in control of the site being passed to new owners. Ars Technica reports that the site is being sued over its use of a photo originally printed in the Denver Post newspaper and, according to the complaint itself, “an embedded hyperlink entitled: ‘VEGAS CONFIDENTIAL,’ linking directly to a section of the Las Vegas Review-Journal website.”

The complaint was filed yesterday by Las Vegas-based company Righthaven, which has made a name for itself by filing an impressive (Almost 200 in the last nine months) number of copyright-related lawsuits on behalf of its partners, most of which ask for damages including willful infringement, costs, and – as is the case in this lawsuit – an injunction that would allow Righthaven to seize the domain of the defendant. As of August this year, twenty-two suits had been settled, but none had gone to court – Something that might change with this latest lawsuit, Righthaven’s biggest to date. If nothing else, I’d love to hear the argument for a link somehow translating as copyright infringement.

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