Photos: WikiLeaks Documents Stored Inside a Mountain Bunker

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Swedish internet service provider Bahnhof houses its servers inside a former World War II bunker located inside a mountain and 100 feet below the surface of the earth. Secure, no? It’d better be, seeing that the company currently lists WikiLeaks as one of its clients.

And while several high-profile companies have been distancing themselves from WikiLeaks over the past week, Bahnhof CEO Anna Mossberg told Bloomberg that her company has no intentions of ending its relationship with the infamous whistleblowing website:

“We treat WikiLeaks just like any other customer. Like any other Swedish ISP, the two things that would cause us to drop a client would be if they stop paying invoices or if the Swedish police would contact us and say that the customer is doing something illegal according to Swedish law.”

Check out the photo gallery of Bahnhof’s mountain bunker.

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