TechFast: Free iPhones at Best Buy, Facebook Hacker Cup, More

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Good morning! Here are some of the day’s top tech links to get you started.

Free iPhone 3GS at Best Buy

Source: @BestBuy_Deals Twitter

The deal’s good today only and you’ll have to actually go to one of the brick and mortar locations to get it, but Best Buy’s giving away free 8GB iPhone 3GS models “to qualified customers” (read: two-year contract).

Zeitgeist 2010: How the world searched

Source: Google

As 2010 draws to a close, Google lets us know what we’ve been searching for all year. The World Cup, the Haiti earthquake, the oil spill—they’re all there. Fastest rising search? Chatroulette. Fastest falling? Swine Flu.

Announcing the Facebook 2011 Hacker Cup

Source: Facebook

The worldwide competition begins in January with three online hacking rounds. The finals happen at Facebook’s HQ in California, where the top 25 will duke it out in person. The company pays all expenses for those that make it to the final round and the grand prize is a cool $5,000.

Gmail for Android: better Priority Inbox support and improved compose

Source: Google Mobile Blog

Android owners now have access to Gmail’s handy Priority Inbox feature right from their cell phones. Messages you deem as important can even be assigned their own special alerts when they hit your inbox.

Military Bans Disks, Threatens Courts-Martial to Stop New Leaks

Source: Wired

In an effort to cut down on information leaks, the military has banned “CDs, DVDs, thumb drives and every other form of removable media,” says Wired.

Apple suppliers point to new camera-toting iPad in 2011

Source: Reuters

The iPad 2 rumors continue to pick up steam, with Reuters reporting that “people familiar with the situation” are talking about front- and rear-facing cameras, a thinner and lighter body, and a higher-resolution display. I predicted similar features earlier this week but there’s been no mention of any 4G chips yet, so we’ll see if those make the final cut.

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