This Year, Give The Gift Of Good Customer Service

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, and if that means anything, it means special holiday programming. This year, it’s not just television that’s getting in on the act – Although, did you see this week’s Warehouse 13? – as customer service software provider Zendesk offers up Merry Holidays, Please Hold. Created by Scotty Got An Office Job‘s Scotty Iseri and Star Wars Yoga guru Matthew Latkiewicz, the ten episode series updates Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol so that “the true meaning of Christmas” gets replaced by “the true meaning of good customer service” (Well, it is brought to you by Zendesk) as the man behind the worst customer service policies from the last century gets a taste of his own medicine:

It may sound hokey, but it’s actually kind of awesome – in large part because Latkiewicz’s Matt Nelson is a great, over-the-top character in the fine “complete asshole who lacks self-awareness” tradition, as well as the depressing familiarity of all the terrible service he runs into. But if stories of redemption even for the man who invented phone trees aren’t your thing, there’s also a Creative Commons Christmas carol…

Merry Holidays, Please Hold updates every second day until December 22nd.

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