Acai Berry Twitter Spam Hijacks Thousands Of Feeds

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In a morning swimming in cyber attacks, Twitter is now fending off one of its own. A new acai berry Twitter scheme has compromised thousands of accounts, spamming followers with dangerous links.

Mashable reported that the spam was spreading at a pace of 10,000 tweets per minute early this morning, with tweets linking to an “acainews” domain name. The attacks are likely related to this weekend’s Gawker hack that posted the password information to 1.3 million of the site’s commenter accounts, Twitter’s Del Harvey wrote on her Twitter feed, noting that Gawker commenters who use the same password for other accounts (i.e. Twitter) could be victims of the acai berry attack.

If your account has been victimized, immediately change your password and delete spam links that have been pushed out through your feed.

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