“Call of Duty: Black Ops” Still Causing PS3 Trouble Despite Patch

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After acknowledging the complaints from gamers using the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, about “buggy software” and poor online connection for multiplayer games, the game developer have addressed the problem by releasing the 1.04 patch. However, if gamer comments and complaints flooding Call of Duty and PlayStation forums are anything to go by, Treyarch seem to have taken two steps back in their attempt to solve the problems. “Unplayable”, “shocking” and “even worse than before” are just some of the ways that gamers have described the effect that the patch has had on their game. (More on Time.com: Hollywood’s Video Game Movies)

It appears that the patch has over-complicated the already standing issues with the game and leaves many gamers experiencing slower loading times, with longer waits for games to start, repeated failed attempts to connect to a host, increased host migration, increased crashes during game-play and constantly being dropped from games. Many gamers are again calling for refunds but Treyarch insists that, “It’s not the game.” They say that they have done all they can with the patch and that the issues now stand with the NAT (Network Address Translation) and consoles displaying a ‘strict’ NAT status. Some gamers are advising changing the router settings in the PS3 to DMZ to try and help solve the problems, but many still feel that the game has fallen short of the experience that it promised. (More on Time.com: See 10 movie franchises that won’t die)

With gamers blaming the developer and the developer blaming the console, it is becoming increasingly difficult to for-see an immanent solution. For now at least, the problems remain. (Via Examiner)

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