Google TV Updated with Better Netflix App, Android Remote

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Google is in the midst of pushing out the first major software update for its Google TV service.

Along with some bug fixes, Google TV users now have access to an updated Netflix app that allows direct streaming of any available movie or show, along with the ability to add disc-based movies directly to your queue if you subscribe to Netflix’ mail service.

The picture-in-picture window that lets you watch TV while surfing the web is now finally resizable and movable, which has been a much-needed feature for a while now.

Google has also developed a Google TV-specific Android app that can be used to navigate the interface and features integrated voice search functionality for TV shows and movies. You can also remotely whisk a website that you’re viewing on your Android handset right up to Google TV’s web browser. Here’s a video showing some of the app’s features:


And finally, search results for movies are now presented alongside related titles within the same series, with quick links to available sources you can use to watch the movie (TV, Netflix, Amazon, etc.).

The updates will hit Google TV boxes and television sets this week.

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