YouTube Offers Free TVs To Get People Excited About Google TV

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What will it take to get people onboard the Google TV train? Well, if a software update to fix early bugs and annoying habits isn’t enough, what about a free television? Google-owned YouTube has launched what it’s calling the “I Want My Google TV! contest,” in which users have until December 22nd to submit videos demonstrating how excited they are for the internet/television hybrid in order to be eligible to win one of 100 46” Sony Internet TVs. Winners will apparently “be selected based on originality, creativity, entertainment factor, technical execution, and how well you explain why you are excited about Google TV and watching YouTube on Google TV,” although somehow, I think that the emphasis may be on the Google-centric parts of that equation.

Winners will be announced next month, at which point they’ll likely realize that most advertising costs more than the price of a large television.

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