Like “Halo: Reach”? Then Maybe You’d Want To Buy A Lexus

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It’s the perfect crossover promotion: Halo and the new Lexus CT 200h.

No, wait; I meant, it’s the crossover promotion that doesn’t make that much sense at all. But it’s one that’s happening, with Microsoft teaming with Lexus to promote next March’s launch of the car starting this Saturday. According to Mediapost, Lexus will sponsor Saturday’s “All-Nighter” event on XBox360, with exclusive Lexus content available to download, and a Lexus-specific destination called “Darkcasting,” featuring interviews conducted from within the CT 200h. To ensure that Halo fans don’t just avoid the advertising, Microsoft plans to support it by releasing Microsoft points that are only redeemable if you’ve downloaded the “Lexus All-Nighter Gamer Picture.”

Lexus describes the partnership as part of an outreach to “a new customer for Lexus, for whom gaming is highly engaging and very social” by “giv[ing] a little something back to gamers just for doing what they do best,” but it’ll be interesting to see if the promotion ends up being successful – especially for such an expensive product that won’t be released for another three months.

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