Photos, Comments Come To Foursquare

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Social check-in network Foursquare is getting in to details. With its new iPhone app, users will now be able to add photos and comments to their activities.

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From now on, users will be asked to add photos upon check-in that will be visible to their Foursquare friends as well as other networks you’ve synced Foursquare to by early next year. (Yes, like Facebook.) Comments are exactly what you’d expect: See that a friend is at your favorite java haunt? Recommend the Colombian roast. For now, comment threads are only visible to your Foursquare friends, cross-commenting via check-ins posted to Twitter and Facebook are available, too.

It’s hard to believe Foursquare hadn’t already implemented some key ingredients to social networking, but the change will help drive the site via social connections, maybe drawing in users who weren’t lured by “mayorships” and the occasional free latte. All of your activity – comments, photos, check-ins, etc. – will be logged in a new “History” feed, which will also allow you to continue conversations and update photos/comments when necessary.

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Android users can expect the new app later this week, while Blackberry users will have to wait until after the new year.

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