Bank Of America Tries To Avoid Internet Backlash By Buying Abusive Domains

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This is a definition of pro-active that I’ve never seen before: In preparation for being the subject of a future round of WikiLeaks, Bank of America has been buying up domain names that insult its CEO, Brian Moynihan. So far, URLs registered include,,, and, as well as .net and .org versions of the same. According to Domain Name Wire, BoA had registered “hundreds” of similar domain names on December 17th alone, through an intermediary. It’s not just Moynihan that’s getting the attention; domains were also purchased naming Chairman of the Board Charles Holliday, CFO Charles Noski and board member Charles Rossotti.

While I can see some point in trying to take such domains off the market, it strikes me that doing so ahead of time just creates increased demand for the numerous remaining variations out there., anyone?

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