Apple, Canon, TiVo Sued For Patent Infringment

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Alcatel-Lucent has declared war on Apple, Canon, LG and TiVo with a new lawsuit alleging that each of the companies is knowingly using Alcatel-Lucent patented technology without appropriate royalty payment. The lawsuit, filed earlier this week through Multimedia Patent Trust, a holding company set up by Alcatel-Lucent, says that Alcatel-Lucent is owed royalties on every Apple product that uses video, as well as every TiVo recorder, all LG “video-capable cellular telephones,” and a wide variety of Canon camcorders and still cameras and asks for a permanent injunction against each company from continuing infringement, as well as damages and costs for the lawsuit itself.

This isn’t the first time Alcatel-Lucent has sued over patents; it already has a case pending against entertainment companies including NBC Universal, the Walt Disney Company and Fox Entertainment for infringement of six patents, and in 2007 won a massive case against Microsoft (Although its $1.5 billion verdict was later overturned on appeal). Previous similar suits have been settled out of court, which would presumably be where this one is also headed – unless Apple or one of the other companies suddenly decides that it wants to risk losing such a large percentage of its income should they lose.

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