Facebook Blocks j.mp Links Over Spam Concerns

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Due to a tidal wave of spam-filled links from Bit.ly’s j.mp URL shortener, Facebook has temporarily blocked the links from the site. “As part of our effort to keep Facebook and the people who use our service secure, we closely monitor the content shared on the site for spam and malicious content,” Facebook said of the blockage. “At the time we blocked j.mp, more than 70% of j.mp links pointed to spam or other security issues. We are working with bit.ly to resolve the issue.”

Links from the regular Bit.ly shortener are still working properly on the site, as it seems just j.mp has been affected by the spike in malicious links. Earlier, Tech Crunch reported that Bit.ly has extensive measures in place to weed out corrupt destination sites, though it looks like a substantial amount of spam came through undetected.