TechFast: Google in New York, More iPad 2 Rumors, Skype Woes

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Good morning! Here are some of today’s top tech links to get you started.

Investing in New York

Source: Google

Google’s become a big-time landlord in New York, with the purchase of 111 Eighth Avenue. Wired reports that the building takes up almost 3 million square feet and cost Google just shy of $2 billion.

Status update on downtime

Source: Skype

Popular VoIP and instant messaging service, Skype, went offline for a bit yesterday. The company has attributed the downtime “to a software issue” and reports that it’s getting connections restored today.

Apple’s next-gen iPad to get iPod touch-like back, wide-range speaker – rumor

Source: AppleInsider

Yet another round of iPad 2 rumors suggests that the tablet will be three millimeters smaller than the original, will feature a flat backside like the one found on the iPod Touch, and will sport a “large wide-ranged speaker unit covered with metal mesh.” Exciting stuff, no?

Skyfire iPad App with Flash Added to App Store

Source: PC Magazine

Flash videos get a helping hand on the iPad with the $4.99 Skyfire web browser. The app features Flash-to-HTML5 conversion for web videos and brings a host of social networking integration along with it.

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