Behind The Grid: Tron FX Supervisor Explains Your Favorite Scenes

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Light Jet Dog Fight

“Like any action sequence, it all starts in the director’s mind. In this case, traditionally, you might start with storyboards, but it’s tricky. We blocked out each sequence for Joe and thought about it and we went over the guidelines and we’d just start piecing the shots together. We’re all inspired by so many movies and so many great space battles that we all just drew from those and tried to make it interesting. There are a few hidden references to Star Wars in that battle.”

Light Cycle Race

“These were created much like the Light Jet sequence. The cycles themselves were beautiful designs but with motorcycles that big and low to the ground, you could never drive them on the streets here because they are too low to the ground and it’s too hard to turn them. We had a lot of the same issues with blocking them out. It all stems from Joe’s ideas of what he wants to have happened. We have to think of everything. How fast should a light bike go? How about 60 mph? How big should the spacing be on the grid?

We just started adding things to them. How far should they lean over? You have to do all of these little things. It was a lot of fun and collaborative process with the director. There’s a lot of challenges. How do you light a black bike on black glass at night? It was such a complicated, but fun process.”

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