Next iPad to Connect to More Networks?

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The latest round of iPad 2 rumors to trickle out of Asia point to three different connection options: Wi-Fi, UMTS, and CDMA.

DigiTimes reports that “upstream component makers” have revealed the varying chipsets will be available options for Apple’s next tablet in an attempt “to satisfy market demand” for broader cellular network support.

In the U.S., the current iPad is available as a Wi-Fi-only model or as a Wi-Fi and 3G model that works on AT&T’s network. If the next iPad is available with broader connection options, it could conceivably be offered across all four major U.S. carriers: Sprint and Verizon use CDMA, while T-Mobile and AT&T use UMTS.

Missing from the list of possible connection options is any mention of 4G connectivity. All four carriers are busy lighting up their super fast 4G networks across the country, though it’s uncertain whether the next iPad will be compatible with the new technology.

DigiTimes also reports that Apple is “working on strengthening the iPad 2’s anti-smudge and anti-reflective treatments in order to compete against Kindle and attract more consumers.”

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