2010’s Most-Viewed Video on Demand Movies: Not What You’d Think

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James Cameron’s Avatar may have ruled the box office, won countless awards and earned itself two separate DVD/Blu-Ray releases in the space of a year, but there’s one place where it doesn’t rule supreme: Video on Demand.

According to Comcast, who have released a list of 2010’s most viewed VoD movies, Cameron’s special-effects-heavy epic was less popular with streaming movie fans than The Blind Side, Couples Retreat, Hot Tub Time Machine and It’s Complicated. In fact, Avatar took the bottom slot on Comcast’s top 10 list, a fact attributed by some to Avatar‘s VoD release coming after its physical release, unlike the nine more popular movies. A less charitable view may just be that VoD is still a market dominated by bad taste and impulse purchases made by people too bored by what’s on television and too lazy to get up and do something else instead.

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