O, Canada! Nation Most Internet Friendly In World

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They may have socialized medicine and spend their days playing hockey while slurping down copious amounts of maple syrup, but that doesn’t mean that Canadians aren’t down with the latest technological trends. In fact, a recent study shows that Canada is actually the most web-friendly nation on the planet.

ComScore reports that around 68% of Canadians regularly spend time online, with 51% of the population having a Facebook account. They spend 42 hours a month online (up from 40 last year), and watch an average 147 videos per month on YouTube and similar sites.

Britain and France are the next two countries with high internet usage, with each 62% of each country’s population spending time online, followed by Germany, with 60%. Surprisingly, America only has 59% of its citizens regularly surfing the web, but that’s still impressive when compared with Italy, where only 36% find the time to internet. Clearly, the next study should look into the link between freezing temperatures, snow and internet usage.

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