2010’s Box Office Bigger Everywhere But US

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America, the movie industry is very disappointed in you. The domestic box office total for 2010 was smaller than 2009’s, although IMAX can celebrate its most successful year to date, doubling its 2009 gross last year.

Oddly enough, despite North American grosses falling slightly from 2009’s $10.6 billion to $10.55 billion (Other estimates include $10.54 billion against 2009’s $10.58 billion and $10.32 billion versus 2009’s $10.6 billion), globally, box office is expected to rise significantly when figures are released later this week, with many studios already claiming record-breaking years internationally.

Meanwhile, IMAX has good reason to celebrate the last twelve months; with a just-announced 2010 global gross of $546 million, it has managed to more than double its previous record of $271 million from 2009. No wonder that both Sony and Disney are rumored to be considering buying the company.

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