AT&T Commercials From 1993 Eerily Comes True

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Happy New Year! While most of you are making resolutions and predicting what’s going to happen, Buzzfeed has uncovered this gem from 1993 about the future of technology according to AT&T. See if any of these “ideas” have become reality. The company said, “You will.” And, we did.

We’re borrowing books from thousands of miles away with our e-readers, watching movies on demand and navigating without stopping for directions using our GPS devices. Of course, they also predicted that our laptops would stay just as heavy and we’d still be super reliant on sending faxes, but except for not predicting that AT&T would be ranked the worst cell phone service of 2010, the company pretty much got everything right. By the way, is that guy sending a fax from a tablet? How did they even know tablets would exist? I think AT&T should try making a commercial to tell us what will happen in the next decade. If they get it right the next time around, they must have a time machine or something.

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