Sony Stealth-tests Added Extras To iTunes Movie Sales

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Here’s a good reason to buy The Other Guys on iTunes: You’ll be taking part in a secret experiment.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is using the Will Ferrell movie to test whether adding additional extras unavailable on DVD or Blu-Ray versions of the release will increase sales through iTunes as part of a trial to see whether differentiating home releases could drive sales on different platforms. According to Paid Content,

The goal [for iTunes Extra releases] now is to exceed what DVD can offer with a true interactivity discs can’t offer (though Blu-Ray can already do more than DVD via Internet-connected players).

Of course, in order for that to happen, iTunes Extras would have to be more readily available – Currently, they’re not available on either the iPad or AppleTV – and studios would probably have to advertise to audiences that such added extras for digital movies actually exist. Or maybe they’re actually testing to see whether customers will just magically know that such things are available in this brave new internet world.

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