App of the Week: Garmin StreetPilot GPS for iPhone

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Turn your iPhone into a Garmin GPS system for just $40 with the new StreetPilot app. It uses your phone’s data connection to keep maps up to date and provide real-time traffic updates so you don’t get caught behind a gaggle of mouth breathers rubbernecking a forlorn twin mattress on the side of the highway. It’s a mattress! You all have one! Maybe more! Drive!

You’ve also got access to local search functions and nearby points of interest, and there are even built-in controls for playing music from the iPod portion of your phone. Top it all off with integrated phone calls and weather conditions, and you’re looking at a very full-featured GPS app for a whole lot less than you’d pay to buy an actual hardware unit with similar goodies.

iTunes link: Garmin StreetPilot

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