TechFast: CES 2011, Microsoft TV, AMD and Intel Stoke Rivalry

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Good morning! Here are some of today’s top tech stories. We’ll cover a few of these throughout the day but feel free to get a head start.

What to Expect from This Week’s Consumer Electronics Show


You’ll be seeing plenty of CES news this week. Here’s a preview of what to expect and how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Microsoft Supposedly Showing Off Its Answer to Apple TV And Google TV At CES

Link: Business Insider

Perhaps not content to watch Apple, Google and others horn in on the connected TV space, Microsoft may be preparing its own connected TV product. And unlike how much it had to play catch-up in the smartphone world, Microsoft already has decent connected entertainment projects established on the Xbox 360 and with Windows Media Center.

Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 won’t launch for months

Link: SlashGear

Rovio, creators of the wildly popular Angry Birds game, tells Windows Phone 7 owners waiting for the app to "give us some months" to bring it to Microsoft’s new smartphones. Microsoft put the Angry Birds logo on the Windows Phone 7 website back in October, despite Rovio’s claims that it hadn’t even committed to making a Windows Phone version of the game.

Whatever You Do, Keep Your 3DS Straight At All Times

Link: Kotaku

While the promise of glasses-free 3D devices may sound nice, Kotaku reminds us that there’s a big, big catch. You have to pretty much stay still for the effect to work. That’s fine for TVs and, to an extent, 3D laptops, but not so fine for Nintendo’s 3DS portable if you want to use it while on the go.

AMD Fusion chips bring all-day battery life and enhanced graphics

Link: Pocket-lint

Notebooks are about to get more powerful, more portable, and last longer on a charge with new designs from Intel and AMD. Intel’s rolled out its Sandy Bridge platform, while AMD’s touting its new Fusion system. Both promise smooth HD video playback and 8+ hour battery life along with several other performance increases, all at affordable price points.

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