Is a 3D SI Swimsuit Video a Brilliant Idea or Cheesy Scheme?

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The past decade has brought about the proliferation of Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit franchise in the form of videos, YouTube channels and iPhone apps. But, for SI readers looking for more bikinis on an even larger variety of media, you’re in luck.

Sports Illustrated has teamed with Sony to unveil its first ever 3D Swimsuit video, which will be available when the print issue launches on February 15. Because this is a partnership with Sony, the video will be exclusively available for rental or purchase on PlayStation 3’s computer entertainment system and on web-enabled, 3D-compatible Bravia TVs and Blu-ray players. (More on Does Disney Need to Turn its 2D Classics Into 3D?)

Amid all the 3D buzz, Sony’s decision use SI‘s bikini-clad hype machine to entice viewers into the world of 3D television makes sense. The reveal of last year’s Swimsuit cover drew 22 million page views on, which is about three times as many views as the site normally gets, and the Swimsuit iPhone app reached one million downloads within six weeks of the issue’s publication.

But numbers aside, is the 3D Swimsuit video just another money-making gimmick? Probably. That doesn’t mean it won’t become a collector’s item.

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