Track Mass Animal Deaths, Courtesy of Google Maps

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First there was the birds that fell out of the sky. Then there was the schools of fish that washed up on shore. Then more birds. What is going on in the animal kingdom!?

It might be the sign of some impending doom, random events that just happened to occur around the same time or some disease that is inflicting the animals. Whatever the cause, if you want to know what animal death plague is heading towards you, someone has created a handy Google Maps page so you can see when and where the event occurred. They’ve even included links to news stories so you can keep updated. According to the webpage, it seems most of the deaths are occurring on the Eastern side of the United States, with a growing smattering of mass animal demises in Europe.

(Note: On a serious note, we at Techland are not trying to poke light at the fact that animals are just dying out of nowhere. It’s actually kind of creepy and freaks us out.)

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