The Price Is Right For CBS To Sign On To Boxee

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It appears that CBS boss Les Moonves wasn’t joking when he said that CBS was willing to talk to streaming VoD companies, as long as the price was right: relatively minor VoD company Boxee has announced that it will start selling individual episodes of CBS shows later this year.

The announcement was made at CES, and marks the first content deal between Boxee and a television network. On the company blog, a statement said,

We have signed an agreement with CBS that will give Boxee users the ability to purchase full episodes from CBS starting later this year. We are excited about the opportunity to work with a major network on offering premium content to Boxee users, as well as create new revenue opportunities for both sides. As part of the deal, users will have the ability to purchase hit CBS television shows both current (The New Hawaii Five-O) and old (hello MacGyver!).

Elsewhere, the company has said that it hopes that the agreement is “the beginning of more deals with more major content providers both here in the US and abroad.”

For other companies that might want to grab some network programming for themselves – Hi, Google! – the message is clear: Show CBS the money.

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