One Laptop Per Child Project To Give Away More Cost-Effective Tablets

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Tablets are not only proving to be trendier but more cost effective as well when it comes to distributing educational devices. The non-profit organization One Laptop Per Child, which has the noble cause of distributing laptops to children in developing countries, is now working with computer chip maker Marvell to develop a tablet to give to impoverished children for educational purposes. The initiative sells cheap computers to government, who then issue them to schools to be distributed to the students like textbooks. People can also opt to donate money and give a laptop to a child or children.

The company unveiled an updated $165 hybrid tablet-computer model at CES this year, down from the $199 laptop that they initially distributed. In addition to being cheaper, the wattaged used by the new model has dropped from five to two. They hope to lower energy costs and prices even more with a new tablet, which they hope will cost about $100.

“When I ask, ‘How long do you think your battery has to last when you have no place to plug it in?’ we know that is a big problem to solve,” OLPC chief technology officer Ed McNierney told BBC News about the new hybrid laptop-tablet device. “With this new design we can get between seven to eight hours of battery life. When we move to a tablet it will be 10 to 12 hours.”

The devices are intended for educational purposes, so the $100 tablet isn’t expected to outperform your Apple iPad or Samsung Tablet. It does have basic internet capabilities and opportunities for the child to download books to the reader, widening their learning experience past the scope of what might be available in their immediate area.

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